Blood Testing Meter Connects to Video Game

Here is something interesting for kids with diabetes. It is a video game that connect to Nintendo. It is called DIDGET meter. 

Since kids and all adults for that matter hate to check their blood sugar levels, because it is so painful, the meter connects to the video game system. Every time the blood sugar is tested, new levels of the game are unlocked. Kids love to play video games. So it offers good incentives to do the testing.

Now all we need is such a game for adults. It would be good to have the meter for the most popular games like War of Warcraft, the popular game of all time.

I would make is so they could unlock cool features like WOW beast mounts. Every time you test your blood sugar you could get points towards buying a mount.

Or make it so every time you test you blood sugar it will give you tips in the form of a mining guide on WOW inside the game so you can level more quickly.

Another idea is to show you how to battle with wow pets.

I would also like to see other similar games with built in features for such a game. Then you could truly say you beat the game with your own blood and sweat. LOL.

So what I am saying is instead of unlocking more game to unlock more game features.

This is a good solution since a large percentage of households already play video games. All you need to make it work is the slot for the meter, or some kind of adapter for existing video game consoles.

It is possible to make a universal adapter that could fit any device. I am just brainstorming here but it sounds like it should be easy to implement.

Hello everybody. I was reading today how it is a myth that germs cause disease. Yes you heard me right.
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Diabetes Already Has A Cure

Diabetes already has a cure. How is that possible if so many people are dying from it every year?

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